Our Story

Experience Our Enjoyable Teas

Our family has owned and operated a small business in downtown Olympia for many years.  In 1984 we opened our first business  (a bookstore) Four Seasons books.

For 15 years we thoroughly enjoyed selling books and connecting with all our customers throughout the years. It was a very rewarding experience.  To this day people in the community remember us and tell us how much they enjoyed our bookstore.

A few years ago, we decided that another retail business was a good idea.  The chocolate stores we visited across the country were very impressive and at the same time tea was rising in popularity.  Instead of trying to choose to open a chocolate store or a tea store, we asked ourselves - why not both?

Encore Chocolates and Teas was created and opened in November 2013.  After 5 years of success, our tea selection has grown to over 300 teas, each one taste-tested to meet our quality standards.

Many of our customers have introduced out-of-town family and friends to our teas and as a result, we have had many requests to make our tea selection available to purchase online.

Our website has been created because customers have an appreciation and passion for our enjoyable teas.  We hope every tea is an enjoyable experience for you.

Currently, chocolates will not be available on our website.